Misfit Manual

About Us

Misfit Manual was founded on the belief that content creation was and forever will be the frontier of campaign marketing. Replenished content is necessary for every brand who is looking to push the boundaries and position themselves as an authority in its niche.

Many business owners understand that in order to gain traffic on their website, they need to provide value to their audience. How can you separate yourself from the hundreds (if not thousands) of brands who are selling similar products to yours? One of the most evergreen and fool-proof ways to do this is by creating articles, blogs and sharable content that can reach a new audience and keep the returning ones loyal.

By combining our experience with journalism, creative writing, magazine writing, and public relations for news outlets and agencies across the USA, we have created a team of talented writers with expertise that span across hundreds of niches. 

Misfit Manual’s team knows how to provide the content you need to get your audience interested, and best of all, get Google’s attention as well by beefing up the SEO value of each article. 

Top quality content is the voice that gives your company purpose. Connect with your audience by drawing them in with captivating content that will drive them to share and ultimately return for more.

The content we provide can be the link that connects your audience to your brand, and ultimately connecting your website to your income.